22 in 2022 Revisted

At the start of the year, I created a list of 22 things that I wanted to do for the year.

You can read that list here – 22 in 2022.

The 2nd of July marked the halfway point of 2022. So it made sense that I do a check-in to see how that list was going. You can read that here – Mid-Year Check-in.

Goals or lists don’t have to be final. Thoughts and feelings change, so it’s important to reassess your goals and aspirations often.

Feeling 22 in the Second Half of 2022

  • Build house
  • Read or Listen to 100 Books
    • Mary Shelley – Frankenstein
    • Keith Lofthouse – 30 Shades of Darkness
  • Run Melbourne (10-year half marathon anniversary)
  • Melbourn Marathon 42.2
  • Listen to 2017 unplayed music
    • 2018 unplayed music
    • Sunset Boulevard Soundtrack
    • Hamilton Soundtrack
  • Watch Buffy Season 6
    • Angel Season 3
    • Stranger Things Season 2
  • Visit Werribee Gorge
    • Hanging Rock
    • Grampians Peaks Trail
  • Back up 2020 photos & print photobook
    • 2021 photos & print photobook
  • NTC Challenge
  • Create Will
  • Buy Perfume
    • Overalls

Recently I was listening to the Happier podcast by Gretchen Rubin. I don’t know what it was in this particular episode but whatever it was it made me think of the musical Sunset Boulevard.

In high school, either for media or music we watched the 1950s movie Sunset Boulevard. In 1996, my sister and I then went to see the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical adaptation.

I still have the playbook, and I vaguely remember the music. This is why I have added listen to the soundtrack to my list.

As for Hamilton, I know nothing of it, but it was mentioned in an audiobook I just finished What if it’s Us. Where it mentions that Hamilton is the greatest musical for Gen Z. So I’m adding it to the list, because why not!

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