Book Review: The Last Goodbye

By Fiona Lucas

Paperback: 432
Rating: 3.5 stars

Three years ago, the love of Anna’s life Spencer was tragically killed in an accident while going to the corner shop to get milk.

For the last three years, Anna has really been existing. Everyone keeps telling her to move on, but how can she when she lost her soulmate?

Then, on New Year’s Eve, Anna calls Spencer’s phone number just so she can hear his voicemail, except for the fact that someone answers.

Brody is now the new owner of Spencer’s number and yet somehow understands what Anna is going through.

Anna finds herself calling Brody more and more, and slowly they open up to each other and learn to live.

But Brody has his own secrets. Can Anna and Brody help each and learn to love again?

While browsing TikTok one day, it was the author herself who was recommending this book. When my local library had a copy, I borrowed it immediately.

What I loved about this book was grief, depression, and anxiety were explained and represented in this book.

Grief isn’t linear, and no one grieves in the same way.

The thing with grief is you need a support network, you can’t do it alone.

This was a lovely book, and I’m glad I came across it.

Sure it’s kinda predictable, finding love again after grief, but it was honest and refreshing, but mostly realistic.

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