The local indigenous name for the Grampians

The Gariwerd (Grampians) National Park is a nature reserve located in Victoria, Australia.

Known for its sandstone mountains, wildflowers, and wildlife. This is where I live.

Surprise Adventure: From Paddy’s Castle to the Top of Mt. Thackeray!

Let’s face it, my adventure tank was running on fumes. But then, BAM! Tom drops a surprise like a ninja with a picnic basket. “Shower, lunch, pack your bags, adventure awaits!” he declares. Kids occupied, snacks and water secured, we set off. First stop: Paddy’s Castle, a place I hadn’t seen in a decade. Talk …

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Boronia Peak

Distance: 6.2km out and backStart: Tandara Rd, Trailhead, Halls GapGrade: MediumTotal Elevation: 370mEstimate Hiking Time: 3.5 hoursApprox Running Time: 1.5 hours Boronia Peak is one of the lesson-known hikes in the Grampians but offers some of the best 360° views of Gariwerd. Taking in the wonderland range, and views of Lake Bellfield and Lake Fyans, …

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The Indigenous name for Lake Wartook is Werdug. It is also the Day 3 campsite for those traveling along the Grampians Peak Trail, at approximately the 37km mark. My first visit to the Lake Wartook lookout (Badji-dadjing) was back in December 2017, with my sister. This was prior to the Grampians Peaks Trail officially opening. …

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Grampians Peaks Trail: Fastest Known Times

Fastest Known Times (FKT) to run the Grampians Peaks Trail (GTP) from Mt Zero car park to Dunkeld. (North to South) North to South Males Place Name Time Date 1 Michael Dunstan 24:01:33 24.11.2023 2 Matthew Crehan 25:25:16 24.11.2023 3 Chris Mcauliffe 26:02:23 24.11.2023 4 Luke Barrett 28:10:25 24.11.2023 5 Daniel Hughes 29:21:47 24.11.2023 Females …

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Running the Major Mitchell Plateau

Distance: 20km (approx)Duration: 3-4 hours runningGrade: DifficultType: Point to point. (Car drop-off recommended)Start: Mt William CarparkEnd: Jimmy Creek CampgroundLocation: Grampians National Park Back in March 2016 Tom and I hiked the Major Mitchell Plateau. Little did I know that 2 1/2 years later I would be back, but running it. I have had (crazy) ultra friends that have run it before, …

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Summerday Valley – Grampians National Park

With a trip to Horsham for run club, we decided it made sense to go visit the Northern end of the Grampians National Park. Having explored Mount Zero & the Western flank back in March, and more recently Hollow Mountain, The kids couldn’t understand why we were back. What else was there to explore? A lot kids, …

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