2021 Book Theme Challenge

At the start of the year, I wrote a list of the books I had planned to read for the year.

I figured it would take the guesswork out of what I wanted to read.

For 2021 I have decided I want to go back to something I did way back in in 2015, and that is curate a themed reading list.

While I don’t plan on setting a number (I’d like to get at least 40), I want to cross as many themes I can off the list.

The only rule I will stipulate is that it is one book per criteria. There will be books that can cross off two maybe even three options. Too bad so sad, it only counts as one.

Reading Challenge 2021

  • A book on personal growth
  • Set during a war
  • Set Locally
  • Written by a local
  • Gender Diverse
  • Race Diverse
  • Animal on the cover
  • Recommended on BookTok
  • Recommended on BookGram
  • An Australian author
  • An Indigenous author
  • A book with a colour in the title
  • A book made into a movie
  • A book made into a tv series
  • Published the year were born
  • Goodreads winner
  • Bestseller
  • Clever title
  • An audiobook
  • A book everyone is talking about
  • Debut novel
  • Modern classic
  • Hideous cover
  • Own but haven’t read
  • Bio or Memoir
  • A book that has been translated
  • A banned book
  • Collection of poems
  • One word title
  • Modern retelling
  • Book of short stories
  • Dystopian
  • Re-Read
  • A Series
  • A Trilogy
  • Romance

There are 36 options there and potentially a lot of books.  Which is why I have even made a spreadsheet of the theme, author, title, and where I will get my book (library, bookshelf etc).

Now to go get lost in a book!

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