Mid Year check-in: Capture

It’s the middle of the year, so let’s check in on how 2022: Capture, has been.

The one word, I chose to encapsulate what I hope 2022 would bring is Capture.

My intention with this word was to capture memories with the camera.

The big boy camera hasn’t seen the light of day so far this year!

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s more so that the camera function on my iPhone is much easier, and the images automatically back up to google photos.

Using my phone to capture moments, means it’s also easier to share with family, and on social media.

While I love using Sylar (what we call our camera), it just hasn’t fitted into our lives as easily as we would like.

Feeling 22 in 2022 check-in

Run the year 2022km

I decided back in April to let this one go. I turned off the weekly and yearly goal feature in Strava, because seeing the “xxx km’s behind”, was starting to bring me down.

Running brings me joy, and chasing this number, wasn’t giving me joy.

Build a Home

This is still a work in progress, but it’s getting there.

No move-in date as yet.

Building the veranda

Read 52 books

I’m currently on book 47 for the year.

This reading goal changed to 100, my most ambitious reading goal ever.

If you follow me on Goodreads, that number is 53, but it includes the DNFs, which sadly there have been a few this year.

22 from my kobo library

At the start of the year, I still had over 30 unread books in my Kobo library.

I’ve knocked off 13 books, plus another that was a DNF.

Make a will

Unfortunately no, not yet.

It is a priority, but I think this is one that’s going to need to be done once the house is done.

Get a new perfume

This hasn’t happened yet either, but then again the shopping I have done has been for things we need, rather than a want.

Run Warburton Trail Festival (WTF 50k)

Knocked this one-off back in March.

You can read the race recap here: Warburton Trail Fest

WTF Lumberjack

Run Horsham parkrun

Completed just a few weeks ago. Wimmera River Parkrun.

Crochet/Knit/Tunisian crochet a blanket for the kids

Until we are in the new house, this one just isn’t going to happen.

Project 52 (Capture), a photo a week

Alas, this one has been a big fat fail.

The intention was with the big boy camera (Sylar).

This year’s photobook will be made with photo’s from the iPhone.

Back up photos

This has been a work in progress, but I’m happy to report that 2019 is backed up.

Print yearbooks

Those backed-up photo’s from 2019, have been printed and I do have another yearly photo album to enjoy.

Find a pair of overalls

I totally forgot about this one! Right, off to do another google search!

Listen to all of 2016 last played music in my library

There were some duds, but also a lot of hidden gems.

I’m now onto 2017, and it appears, that I listened to a lot of albums, that haven’t been played since then!

Try 22 new recipes

While a lovely idea, realistically when you are living with your in-laws, and catering for everyone, this one just was never going to happen.

Invest in a long sleeve UV50+ running top

The Solbari UVA top, was an excellent investment.

The bolero was also another top choice (I never ended up doing a blog post about it though).

Complete a Yoga with Adriene Challenge

There are about 10 workouts left in MOVE 30-Day Journey, and I’m happily crossing them off each week.

Make a capsule wardrobe

Finding out your palette colour is vital in creating a capsule wardrobe.

Why wear clothes, if the colours don’t suit you?

Based on my own research, I’ve discovered that I’m a deep winter (also known as dark winter).

However, can’t really complete this one until I’m in my actual finished house, with all of my clothes, and I can do a proper cull and keep.

Hike sections of the GPT (Gariwerd/Grampians Peaks Trail) with Tom and the kids

Werdug, and Cristobel, have been the only GPT we have done.

Building a house is taking up all our time.

Finish watching Buffy & Angel

Seasons 5 of Buffy and seasons 2 of Angel have been completed!

There were tears at the end of Buffy. If you know you know.

Get a better sleep routine

Why did I put this on the list?

I feel like my sleep routine is pretty solid.

Get back into the 65-68kg range

My body certainly has changed from what it was in my 30’s.

I am more than the number on the scales. Shifting my mindset from those numbers on the scales is still a work in progress.

My main focus is to just become the best version of me.

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