Mi Story

This is me. I’m Matilda.

I’m a 40-something year old that lives in a small county town in Western Victoria, Australia.

I moved from the city when my daughter was 10 days old.  It was hard to transition, but it was one of the best decisions for me and my family.

Lots of things have changed since 2006.

I always knew self-care, and my health was important and thought I led a healthy active life.

My marriage break down was the turning point.  It was this event that made me realise, that if I wanted to change, then I had to change.

That’s when my health & fitness journey really began. That was back in 2010.

I started off by moving more and making healthier choices.

It wasn’t until I started to create some goals, and have something to aim for that things started to change.

One of those goals was to run.  I thought that being a runner was the epitome of being fit.  I use to be a runner when I was a teen, then had a hiatus for 15 or so years, as well life happened. Not any more.  Running and I are best buds now.

Being fit is important to me.

Being-FitIt’s also important to my family.

If I want my kids to be healthy and active, then should I be healthy and active?  I’m their role model, so here I am being the best role as I can be for them.

This is my website, where you can find my journey and stories of my fitness tails, recipes, music mixes, and a whole lot more.

My mission is to inspire other mums, to be fit healthy & active, and be the best role model for their kids.

I encourage you to look around. And If I inspire you to get fit and healthy – Bonus.


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