Gold Rush Trail Run

Trail Running Enthusiast

If you asked your friends to describe you in 3 words what would it be?

For me it’s easy.  They would simply say the following; Trail Running Enthusiast.

So why these 3 words, well let’s dive deeper in what these words mean to me.

.1. Trail

Living in the country, finding the local trails were inevitable. Escaping into the bush gives me an experience that I simply just don’t get while road running.

Why I will still run roads, my heart will always be out on the trails.

I could run the same track every day, and each time I’m out there I will discover something new. It never gets boring.

Being out on the trails is good for my mental health, it’s my alone time to recharge and reconnect, and makes me a better person.

.2. Running

Over time running has evolved for me.  First, it was to get fit and lose some weight.  Then it was all about the personal bests.  Now it’s about acceptance.

The ability to run is a gift, and I run now for the joy of it.  Sure I will still set myself challenges to keep things fresh, but now it’s about keeping it fun.

.3. Enthusiast

I run because I enjoy it.

I take the trails because I love being in amongst nature.

Living a sustainable life is important to me because we only have one plant.

The photo’s I take are to capture memories of my everyday life.

To do all that, you have to be enthusiastic. Without the passion and the drive, you get nowhere.

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