24 in 2024: Mid Year check-in

It’s already halfway through the year, so it’s a perfect time to check in on my “24 in 2024” goals (you can revisit the full list here: 24 in 2024. Here’s an update on a few of them:


  • Home Decor: My art piece from Egg Picnic is still in the works, but I’m thrilled about how it’s coming together!
  • Indoor Plants: I’m still finalising which houseplants to add to the collection, but we’ve already chosen some lovely outdoor plants that are patiently waiting to be planted.
  • Efficiency Boost: To free up some time (because let’s face it, we’re all time-poor these days!), I recently purchased a heat pump dryer. No more laundry hanging in the living room – win!


With 22 books down, I’m slightly behind the 50-book goal for the year. However, I’m making more time to read, and choosing to DNF the books that I’m not feeling the love for.

  • Audiobooks – Nine (9)
  • Books – Three (3)
  • Ebooks – Ten (10)


Remember my 24 in 24 goals I shared back in April? Well, guess what? I can officially tick off “Grampians Adventure” because it became an autumn spectacular!

My amazing partner, Tom, whisked me away for a Paddy’s Castle expedition. But that was just the appetizer! The real reason for our trip was to conquer Mt. Thackeray, another step closer to completing our ultimate “Gariwerd Bucket List.”

The Grampians fun didn’t stop there! When our family visited after Easter, we revisited the stunning Manja Shelter. And to top it all off, we stumbled upon the unexpected gem of Pyramid Hill on our way to Echuca.


That no-nonsense that I purchased from Stronger by Science has helped me smash out some personal bests.

  • Squats – 80kg
  • Deadlift – 100kg
    • Trap bar deadlift – 105kg
  • Bench Press – 47.5kg

Round two of my strength training has just begun, and I’m excited to see what my body is capable of.

For Me

There’s a certain satisfaction in having a curated wardrobe. It’s like a well-edited gallery – each piece a deliberate choice, something I know I’ll wear and love. Yet, there I was, packing another overflowing box for Upparel (gotta make space for the good stuff, right?).

Speaking of cozy additions, I’m currently on a mission to finish a chunky knit jumper that’ll be my winter staple. Gotta get those needles clicking! But the crafting bug doesn’t stop there. Inspired (and maybe a touch procrastinatory about the jumper deadline), I’ve already ordered yarn for a surprise baby blanket for a friend. October can’t come soon enough, and I know she’ll love the unexpected handmade gift.

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