Celebrate: The 2020 Playlist

Music allows you to celebrate, and while this year *should* have been a year of celebrations, it instead was everything that it wasn’t.

Sure I could have changed my word theme.  But I decided to embrace it and find the joy in music again.

My tastes in music range from rock, to EDM to pop and classical. Which would explain why I have over 20,000 songs in my library.  There are songs that I haven’t listened to since 2014!

See the thing is, I was a completist.  That meant that if I had an album, I had to have the entire album, even if I didn’t like all the songs.

Why would I have songs in my library I don’t simply like?  Yeah, exactly, hence the deleting.

With a whopping 257 songs, my 2020 Celebrate playlist has it all.

2020 Celebrate on Apple Music

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