Playlist: Run Mi Best

The best running songs, are the ones that make you want to move.

We all have one song that when it comes on you feel like you can do anything.

I’ve been creating playlists since I started running back in 2011.

Music is powerful.  It has a way to motivate you.  You can get lost in the beat, and it helps pass the time.

Yes, I do sometimes use the app RockMyRun, but there is something about creating your own playlist of songs.

My music tastes change over time.  It depends on mood, and what I hear.

There are days where all I listen to is EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and then there are days where all I want to listen to is 80’s Aussie Rock.

You could say I have an eclectic taste.  That’s for you to decide.

There are some songs though which are my go to, regardless of how recent or old they are.

This is that playlist.

It will continue to grow, but these are my current fav running songs, that help me run my best.

The playlist can currently be found on Apple Music, here.

Now before you go saying I spelled Mi wrong.  I haven’t.  Mi are my initials, so it’s a play on that.

It’s currently at 63 songs and growing.

What’s your go-to power song?

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