Runderland: The 2018 Playlist

The title for this year’s playlist came up because I smashed Run and Wonderland together.

It seemed apt, as I love running, and one of the ranges in the Grampians is known as Wonderland, so it seemed fitting.

While the first half of 2018 saw me primarily focused on road running. The second half of the year saw me head back on the trails in readiness for the Goldfields event.

The other reason this playlist was created was that I was listening to Taylor Swift’s bonus song on her album 1989 “Wonderland”, and knew that I had to incorporate this song into the theme.

So that’s how this playlist came about.

At 193 songs (so close to 200!), at 11 hours and 21 minutes.  This playlist has a bit of everything.

From Ready to Go by Panic! At the Disco, to Dreamer by Axwell ^ Ingrosso, to 00’s boy band 5ive’s keep on moving, there is something for everyone.

Click Image for Playlist

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