Run This the 2017 Running Playlist

We all have a playlist of music that we listen to when we are out running.

I am no exception.

My music tastes change.  What I like now I may not like in 6 months time.  But that’s the beauty of a playlist, you can add and delete music to suit your tastes.

I use to delete my playlists after a few months, or when I got sick of the songs.  Why? I have no idea.

Now I just keep them, and if I get sick or bored with it, I just archive it and bring it out a later date.

The other day I ran with a playlist from 2014, there were so many songs on there that I hadn’t heard in ages, and I still loved most of what I put on that playlist.

I use iTunes and Apple Music to create and share my custom playlists.

Run This 2017 Playlist


Click the image, and it will take you to my custom Apple Playlist

Music isn’t suited for all runs though.  Depending on what type of run I do, will determine what I put on.

Long Runs

On my long runs, I will usually start listening to an audiobook or a podcast.  I will then switch to music in the last 30 minutes to give me a change of pace.

Easy Runs

Depends on my mood, usually a podcast, or music mix like Rock my Run.

Speedwork / Tempo / Hill Sprints

If I’m working hard, and bringing the heart rate up then music is my go to. I’ve tried listening to audiobooks and podcasts but I find I can’t concentrate on what they are saying because of my effort.

What are you listening to at the moment?

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