Yearly Review: Celebrate 2020

When you choose a word like Celebrate as your yearly intention, you think there would be big things to celebrate.

Instead life through a curveball with the world in quarantine, isolation and lockdown.

Could I have changed my word? Yes sure, but instead I decided to look for all the small wins. The ones that get forgotten and overlook. Those celebrations are just as important.

With everything cancelled, I got to reclaim my weekends.

Things to celebrate in 2020

During the months from April to September, weekends are normally filled with run club.

Instead I got to run at what ever time I wanted for however long I wanted.

I trained for the 10k. This distance I find really troublesome, we have a love-hate relationship. I find it harder than 5k training and half marathon training.

Some time in the future I will give it another red hot crack. This time around it just wasn’t meant to be.

When event day arrived, I was feeling less than stellar.

I *should* have been Handorf running the Pioneer’s Women Walk. Thanks COVID. Thanks SA border restrictions.

It was also really humid. So while I tried, I didn’t get the PB I was looking for (sub 46mins), I decided then that PB’s are overrated.

Switching to 5k training, I focused on that for a bit. Knowing that I was never going to get a personal best (sub 21), I was extremely excited to smash out 22:30, a time I had not run in well over 3 years.

Leaving my 30’s, and now entering my 40’s, I decided to treat this new decade as a clean slate. All distances have a time reset. No point dwelling on the past. Time to earn new personal records.

The year also talk me to let go of stuff that doesn’t bring me joy. Old clothes that don’t fit, things I just don’t use and books I don’t read.

I got to explore more of our local area and hang out with my family.

Twenty Twenty (2020), taught me that routines are important, and to celebrate at life it’s important to have things in order.

Decluttering also saw me mend a lot of clothes, and really discover that modern mending is a thing.

While people may think that 2020 was a year to forget, I think for me it’s going to be a year of things to remember. Letting go of the old and unwanted, and being open to things new and exciting, but most importantly to celebrate all the small wins.

The best celebration item to come out of 2020 was signing a contract for building a house!

Yep, you read that right. It’s FINALLY happening.

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