2020 One Word Intention: Celebrate

For the last few years, I have had a one-word intention for the year.

I never use to have or do this.

However at the end of each year, I would always reflect on the year that was, and a generally a theme would emerge.

A few years ago when I discovered that the one-word intention was a thing, I decided to play along too.

The purpose of having a single word or theme is to help you with your personal aspirations, goals or projects.  But it’s also there to guide you, keep you focused and to also embrace the coming year.

Having a word can also help define your why, your purpose, and of course, what you want out of that year.

For 2020 I wanted a word that would capture what I needed more of.  With 2019 behind me, I wanted the exact opposite of SMASH.

Which is why for 2020 my chosen word is:

This was not the word I had initially chosen. The word that I thought I was going to use was “Vision”, because you know 2020 = perfect vision.  But as 2019 bore on I realised that this was simply not going to work.

Instead, my 2020 vision (see what I did there 😉 ) is a word that embodies, fun, adventure, joy, happiness and life.

As we are entering a new decade, a new chapter, it’s time to harness a fresh start.

Celebrate does all that.

I look forward to celebrating all the moments that 2020 has to offer.

What’s your 2020 one word intention?

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