How to Stay Motivated When Everything is Cancelled

Cancelled or postponed.  That seems the going theme for 2020 races. This totally contradicts of key theme for the year “Celebrate“.

How can you celebrate an achievement, when the event you have been training for and looking forward to weeks gets postponed to a later date, or worst still cancelled.

This whole COVID saga is really starting to steal my motivation.

With the whole of Victoria in stage 3 restrictions and Melbourne & Mitchell Shire on stage 4 restrictions, it’s hard not to feel depressed, disappointed, and unmotivated.

Races and events kept me accountable because I had a deadline.  With that now taken away, how do I stay motivated?

It’s OK to be Disappointed

It’s natural to feel bummed about your event been canceled or postponed.

Race & Event directors don’t want to have to cancel an event.  It’s costly and stressful for them to do.

As someone who has worked on an event committee, the logistics of putting a race together is a stress you don’t want to have.

Take the time to be disappointed and bummed, but know that it’s in your best interest and safety that the event doesn’t go ahead.

Create Your Own Event

Who said that you still can’t do your event? 

Ok so it might not be at said location, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t train for it and run it.

Pick somewhere local that you don’t really explore and let that be your event location.

If restrictions allow, run with friends.  You could run at your race pace or just run for enjoyment.

My one and only event for the year the Pioneer’s Women Walk in Handorf was postponed from May to October.

At this stage, I’m unsure if the event will go ahead.

The other thing to take into consideration is border restrictions.  There is a high possibility I will be unable to do this event as I would not be able to enter South Australia (from Victoria), without going into a 14-day quarantine.

If this is the case, I have decided on a local alternative course that I will run on race day instead.

Join a Virtual Event

Many events have now turned their races into virtual events.

This means you can still train with a deadline in mind.

Then there are organizers that solo does virtual events.  Some are for a cause like Run Against Violence, while others are simply because, or they have really good bling, like Clothing the Gap Connect to Country.

Train for a 5k PB

The 5k is often an overlooked distance for those who prefer to run long.

When was the last time you got a 5k personal best?  For me, it was way back in 2014, in a time of 21:06.  While I highly doubt, I’d see that time again, doesn’t mean I won’t give it a red hot crack.

Train for a 10k PB

One of the restrictions for those in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire on stage 4 restrictions is that they can only have 1 hour of exercise outside of their home.

This has meant for many that they have to bring their 10km time to under an hour.

Nothing like a time deadline to push you.

Run Every Street

Another restriction for those in Melbourn & Mitchell shire is that they are limited to a 5km (radius) bubble. Which essentially would become their town or suburb.

So why not take the opportunity and explore what close to home.

It’s so easy to run the same routes over and over again.  By exploring new streets you will not only find it highly enjoyable, but you will appreciate where you live a whole lot more.

Create Run Art

Use your legs and create run art (aka Strava Art).

Yes, Strava Art is a thing.  Check out some of the creative routes people have made using their legs and a map here.

Set Your Own Challenge

Whether it’s getting the fastest time on your favourite route, or a personal best on the local hill.

Whatever you decide the world is your oyster.  Have fun with it.









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