53 Tuesdays: Final Thoughts

When I started this project, it was the intention to capture our everyday family life.

I grew up doing a lot of “posed” photos.  Needless to say, I have a huge dislike for posed images.  They have their time and place, but they don’t depict true life.

Life isn’t always sunshine and roses.

You can see how I captured our family life in the following Tuesdays:

53 Tuesdays #8
53 Tuesdays #35
53 Tuesdays #48

However, it’s hard to define life by just 1 day of the week.

There is only so much you can capture on just one day, and when it’s the same day every week, it adds another challenge.

So yes, while I did capture our everyday life, this project kind of morphed into something else.  I guess you could say that I captured what life is like in our hometown, Stawell.

I’ve lived here for 13 years, and I do love where I live.  There is so much to appreciate.

Here are some of my favourite captures of my hometown.

53 Tuesdays #19
53 Tuesdays #46
53 Tuesdays #50

There are still so many places, locations and buildings I want to go back and capture because they are so interesting.

At the same time, I always want to experience life with the family and capture that, from mundane things to fun and exciting things.

However, I also want to capture what life is like in our small town.

But that’s the great thing about having these types of projects, discovering new things, but also having fun.

Stay tuned to see what photography project I’ll do for 2020!

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