Motivation: 18 for 18 – Way

There is no one way to make coffee.  You can have it any way you like.

  • White
  • Black
  • with sugar
  • with sweetener
  • tall
  • short
  • I don’t drink coffee

If instant is your thing, go you.

Maybe you have it with full-fat milk.  Awesome.

Got a sweet tooth, add that sugar baby.

The point is there is no one way.

Just like when you look at a map, there are different routes to take you to the same place. You just have to decide which road you want to travel down.

You could choose the most direct route.  You’ll get there fast, but you may have a boring ride.

Or, you could take the more scenic route.  Sure it may add more time to your trip, but you may experience more.

Make your life an adventure.  Make mistakes, learn from them, grow from them.  Because when you do, you’ll live your life to your best potential.

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