Running is my Triumph

As a kid, I use to love athletics and cross country.  I would look forward to the sports carnivals and competing with others, and getting ribbons for the races I loved competing in, like the 100m or 200m and the relay.

Sometime during my teen years, I gave up running because I no longer enjoyed it.

It would take another 10+ years before I would fall in love with running again.

How Running is my Triumph

In 2011 things were rough going for me with a relationship break up, my eldest child starting kindergarten, and adjusting to life as a single parent.

I was unhappy with myself and knew that if I wanted to change then I needed to change.

Thinking about what I wanted out of my life, I knew being around my kids was a priority. Getting healthy in mind body and spirit was then a must.

I thought about all the things I could do to get healthy.  At the time I saw running as the epitome of being fit.  So I put that down as a goal.  To keep myself accountable I entered a fun run. The fun run I chose was Run For the Kids in 2012.

Back then I never heard of c25k (couch to 5km) or any other training programs for running. I figured I would just run until I couldn’t run anymore, then walk, and then run again.

Then April rolled around and I was nervous but excited to complete my first fun run.

Crossing the line in a time of 28:14 I felt on top of the world.  I did it.  I finished my first race.

It was at that moment I realised the satisfaction that running gave to me, and I wanted more.  I wanted to run further.

The next event I signed up for was a local event “Run the Gap”, held in the majestic mountains of the Grampians.


Run The Gap was an 11km run, that was just a stepping stone to achieving my next biggest goal of running a half marathon.

I achieved that goal at Run Melbourne in 2012. In a time of 2h03m56s.


Since then I have done countless other races.  From 10km to half marathons, to trail runs, and even a few obstacle events. I’ve achieved plenty of personal bests along the way.

Running has taught me a lot of things.

It’s taught me to believe in myself, and that I am capable of achieving what I thought wasn’t possible.


It has also taught me that when you put in the hard work you reap the rewards.

I have also discovered that running is my de-stress time.  It helps me to unclutter the thoughts in my mind, and it also helps me to solve problems in my everyday life.

Not everyone is able to join a running club, but online communities like FitZone are a great resource for any runner where you can learn and experience the joys and woes of other everyday runners.

Of course, I’ve also expected some low points in my running journey.  But every hiccup has been a learning curve.

I’ve learned the importance of consuming fuel for longer events. That you can’t always rely on water stations being available when you need to get hydrated. But most of all I’ve learned the importance of a good pair of shoes.

As a runner, your shoes are an extension of your feet. So treat your feet with love and care.

Take the time to get correctly fitted for a pair of shoes.  Don’t get caught up in passing trends or being brand loyal.  Invest in a pair of shoes that fit your foot.

This is where getting fitted at The Athlete’s Foot can be so helpful.  It’s a destination for every runner whether you are an elite or a beginner.

The staff will listen to your history and record your gait using Fitzi.

Fitzi’s analysis will help determine which shoe will be the best shoe for your level of activity.

With Fitzi’s help, I found a shoe that gave me the support and comfort I needed for my running stride. Upon getting fitted I went back out and re-visited that 5km distance, which I haven’t done since 2012.  In 2 short years, I’ve reduced my 5km time from 28 minutes to 22 minutes.

Anything is possible with running, so go out and crush it.

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  1. Great story! I love reading all about how people get started and fall in love with their running journey. You are doing so great and you are reaching those goals. Keep it up!

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