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On the same day that I signed up for Run For the kids (back in February), I signed up for a local event Run The Gap, in Halls Gap.

Initially, I signed up for the 6km event but decided to change it to the 11km distance, in preparation for running my first Half Marathon at Run Melbourne in July.

It’s hard to imagine that when I signed up to do the event back in February that I could run 6km let alone 11. It has amazed me how running has taken over my life. I thank the app Bridge to 10km for helping me to get there.

Waking up earlier, I made my way into Halls Gap. I was cautious for kangaroo’s as they can be a hazard in the early mornings. Thankfully, due to road works, and a reduced speed, I didn’t encounter any.

The local running club SAAC, was helping out with logistics, and many of them not only ran the local club event on the Saturday, but backing it up with this event too.

I chose not to run the SAAC event, instead of saving my legs for this run instead. I admire those that can do both.

I love running in new places. Halls gap is so pretty, and it was wonderful to see the sun come up over the Wonderland range.

This race has a bit of everything from footpath to single trail to grass.

It was a relief once the starter’s gun went off, as it was quite cold, and running would mean I would get warm.

The course follows the footpath towards Tandara Rd. At the Boronia Peak Trailhead, we then venture into the Grampians National Park, along the Fyans Creek walking track.

This track then opens up into a beautiful open field, it’s not uncommon for it to have mobs of kangaroo’s and flocks of emu’s .

Coming out of the Brambuk meadows, we followed the powerline easement to Tymna Drive.

The hill up Tymna Drive to get to the Bellfield Dam wall was hard. I kept repeating to myself “it’s just a hill, you’ll get over it”. It still slowed me down.

We ran partially along the wall before turning around to head towards back town. Luckily we were now on a downhill stretch.

My normal long-distance pace is a 6 min (average) pace. With this downhill, I was really able to push myself. Thus now getting an average pace of 5:30.

The goal for this event was sub 70 minutes.

I’m pleased to announce that I SMASHED this goal with a finish time of 1h3m46s.

I’m really happy that I switched to the longer event, and I look forward to adding this event to my running calendar in the future.

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