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When I was fat, I pretty much got rid of all my thin clothes.  The reason I didn’t keep any was that I got pregnant, and I was no longer working, so didn’t really see the need to keep any or my work/thin clothes. So I got rid of them. I honestly didn’t see the point of holding on to them.

I know for some people that they keep at least one item of clothing.  Usually, it’s a pair of jeans or a dress.  I had both but got rid of them because they didn’t fit.  They actually got too big!

The other day I was interviewed for a new fitness blog and was asked for some pictures. So I went through my photo albums of when I was at rock bottom and found an image to use.

While at my mum’s during the school holidays I was looking through the draws and came across the same shirt. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a before and after.

So on the left is me in Jan 2010.  I was approx 78-80kg | 171-176lbs, and life was pretty miserable. Fast forward to the picture on the right, which is July 2013, and I’m floating between 62-64kg | 136-140lbs, and my life is pretty spectacular.

My change didn’t happen overnight.  As you can see, it took time.  There are no quick fixes.

Yes, I cleaned up my diet and moved more. But I’m not going to say “it was that simple”, because you know what, it wasn’t.

I learned a bucket load on my journey, and I still am.  And I encourage you to as well.

I’ve armed myself with loads of information.  Yes, things have been trial and error along the way.  I’ve discovered things that do work for me and that don’t.  It’s been a balancing act, but I’m now balanced in mind-body, and soul, and I like and love who I am.

So yes, it’s just a shirt, but it’s more than that, it’s been a life-changing story. It’s been my transformation from fat and miserable, to fit, healthy, and loved.

12 thoughts on “Just a Shirt”

  1. You look great!!! I have a few extra (okay more than a few) pounds I am kicking around these days. I like this idea of using a picture. I should go throw on a tight shirt and snap a pic, and use that as motivation to make that shirt look great again:)

  2. Incredible and inspiring transformation!

    When I begun with running August 2011, my intention was to feel and be stronger. Even though I knew I would be losing weight in the process, I was as surprised as everyone when I put my finish line photos for the same running event, one year apart.

    I saw a pair of muscled legs were there used to be wobbly ones. Whenever I feel down, and full of self-doubts, I look at that collage, and I instantly get uplifted.

    1. that’s fantastic Joanna.

      I know what you mean with the muscles cause the same thing happened to me too, I’m like wow I have leg muscles, when did that happen?! Know what I mean.

  3. Wow! What a transformation! Congrats! You’re right, it’s a never ending journey that happens over time, and it’s not easy. I still struggle and screw up sometimes on my eating and workouts. However, I think consistency over time is what counts, despite the small ups and down. You’ve clearly worked hard and have come so far! Congrats!

    1. Thanks Amy.
      Three years might seem like a long time for some people, but you know what it feels like it has fly by.
      I also remember hearing somewhere that it is better to loose it slow over time than quickly in a short period. I’ve been in ‘maintaining’ mode for nearly 9 months now so I know I can lead a healthy life.

  4. I love this post, first of all you look amazing!!! And it’s so true that we give power to something as little as a Tshirt that becomes like a dark cloud over us when it doesn’t fit or makes us feel uncomfortable in our bodies. But you’re so right that once you take your life into your own hands and start that healthy lifestyle the shirt then changes into a symbol of everything you’ve done to get to that point and how happy you are!

  5. You look fantastic! I’m starting to fit into some of the clothes that I kept from before I got pregnant. I hung onto them hoping I’d get into them again because I really liked them. I’m hoping I drop below those sizes though because I’d love to go shopping! Found you from Running Bloggers!

    1. Thanks Victoria. I’m actually smaller now than I was before I even got pregnant. I still think of myself as a size 14 (size us 10) even though those clothes swim on me. I’m more of an 8/10 (us 4/6) now and it feels weird when I see something and I’m like “yeah that’s too small” and then it fits perfect.
      Good luck, and enjoy your hard earned wardrobe too.

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