Blogilates Recap

Ok ok ok, I know it’s Tuesday.  I was supposed to blog about this on Sunday, however, because I was tired from my run on Saturday, I didn’t get a chance to do my race review until Sunday.  So that took up my Blogilates Review, and so this blog review challenge got bumped until Tuesday…. today that is.

So here are my thoughts on my Blogilates Challenge.

If you have never heard of Blogilates go check it out. Cassey does a huge arrange of videos that are a lot of fun but can also be a lot of hard work.

To be honest I think I picked to do Blogilates in the wrong week.  It’s the school holidays and I kinda (er well did) slack off with some of my exercises.  I was just tired, and I just went with the flow and slept in.  I think I properly most likely needed it.

I still had fun with it.  Blogilates really test your core.  I found some workouts just simply a way to advance.

Like this one.

Seriously some of those moves I was like, no I simply can’t do that without my coccyx screaming at me. I gave up on that one at the 8 min mark.  One day I will master it, it just isn’t today.

One workout I did really enjoy was this one.

You have to do it twice as the video only does one side. But I liked it. I found Starfish a bit of a challenge, esp on my left shoulder which is my bad shoulder but I did what I could.

I only ended up doing Blogilates 4 out of 7 days, oops.  That being said though, I will continue to do Blogilates because it’s a fantastic core workout, and anything that strengthens my core and back helps me as a runner.

Thank you, Cassey, for making such great video’s, I the rest of your fans really appreciate what you do.

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