Run Faster with Fast Finish

As a runner, I’m always looking at ways to improve my speed.

Speed comes in many different forms, the three main beings:

  • Intervals
  • Hills
  • Fartlek

In this new Run Faster series, I will give you tips and tricks to introduce speed into your running workouts without being too scary or overwhelming.

Put a hand up if you are guilty of starting out too hard in a race and then having nothing left in the tank to bring it home?

It’s really common to see runners paces drop off towards the end of a race.

This is Pheonix’s (name has been changed) 10km splits from the LA Marathon earlier this year.

Notice how Pheonix’s last 10k’s are 1 minute slower in pace per/km than those of the previous splits.

Pheonix finished in a time of 3h30mins, which don’t get me wrong is a massive achievement, but I’m sure they feel disappointed that they couldn’t hold on to their previous pace and finish in 3h15.

Which is why practising fast finish during your long training runs are important.

The aim with a fast finish is to run faster than you did at the start. This helps to prepare you to take in the extra effort when you are already tired and exhausted and to help you push through that mental barrier.

You can finish strong, start by making the last km of your long run your fastest.

Over time you can increase that distance.

Then come race day, you will power on home strong mentally and physically.

I hope you have enjoyed my Run Faster Mini Series.

Get in contact with me if you like to discuss anything else.


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