Project 52 – Week 7

While at my in-law’s on the weekend I noticed that on one of the calendars on the wall was the weekly count print.

I thought this was pretty neat, so I’ve done the same on my calendar, so I always know what week we are up to.

Last week I briefly spoke about themes.  While a theme hasn’t really unfolded I have noticed that each week’s photo comes along with a story.

Now I remember as a kid, I would love taking photos with my dad’s ‘fancy’ camera (a film canon SLR).  While I had no idea what each of the knobs did, he would set it up for me, and I would take the photo.

Now as a grown-up, I do the same for my kids.  I set the camera on auto and let them take photos.  The advantage of digital cameras today is that it doesn’t matter if the kids take 50 photos.  If they are terrible, you can simply delete them.

The other reason I like getting the kids to take photos is that they have a different perspective on the world, and they have a way of capturing crazy, fun, amazing moments.

As they say, a picture tells a thousand words. And pictures are also open to interpretation.

This brings me to this week’s photo.

Week 7 – Crazy Family Pose

With the warmer weather, the kids have been cooped up inside.  They love technology, and would happily stay on their devices all day if they could.

On this particular day, a cool change had come in the afternoon, so we took them on a walk, down to the creek, and to inspect the sinkhole.

We spent a good 45mins to an hour just exploring and having fun.

The kids ask to take some photos and of course, I allowed it.

Kayla took this photo, and what I love about it is that everyone has a different face.  Tom is serious, I’m silly, Gray is off to investigate something, and Miles, well he is being cool.

To me, this is our family.

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