Ultimate Running Date #32

Strap on your running shoes people and let’s go for our monthly running date. There is no denying I feel like a running fraud.

There is no denying I feel like a running fraud. The only reason I feel like this is because of how little running I have been doing.

Recovering from an injury is a long process. I want to do it smartly, and the only way to do that is slow and steady.

While I may be a turtle at least I’m out there giving it a go.

Running Statistics 2017

January – 58km
Total Hours – 11
Longest Distance – 5.8km
Number of Activities – 16

Let’s be honest, January didn’t see a whole lot of running.

However, to keep active I did incorporate a lot of walks and hikes.

If I couldn’t run, then walking and hiking it shall be.

One of my favourite activities for January would have to be hiking to Hollow & Red Cave.

Active recovery is better than no recovery.  So while I may not have been doing a whole lot of running, at least I was out there being active.

What better way to train for any trail event than hiking?  It gets the legs moving, you get the elevation and terrain into your legs too.

Ok I’ll admit it January was more of a hiking month than a running month, but I’m ok with that.

My weekly mileage is slowly going up, and I’m noticing an improvement.

If we were out running, what would you tell me?

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