Product Review: Safe Lace

In the first race I ever did (Run for the Kids 5km 2012), my shoelace came untied around the 3.5km mark.

I wasn’t stopping to retie my shoe.  This was my first ever event, I was in the moment and just knew that if I stopped to tie my shoe I would lose momentum and motivation.  So I kept running, keeping an eye on the lace so I wouldn’t trip.

I finished my race, retied my shoe, and thought to myself I needed a better lace system.

There is nothing worse than your shoelace coming undone, even worse when it happens in an event or race.

In 2016 I watched my daughter compete in the 800m in her school sports.  Her shoelace came untied.  She loves running, and I knew I had to do something so that wouldn’t happen again.

Now some might say that you aren’t tying your knot correctly, or that you should double knot. Well, believe me, I’ve tried both and yet I’ve still had my laces come undone.

Then there is the other problem that I’ve noticed of late. In a bit to save money in making runners, shoe brands make shoe laces shorter.

This means it makes it extremely difficult to double knot let alone do a normal knot.

And if you are the type of person that has to use the extra holes in your shoes for the lace lock, then you have no hope when it comes to tying your bow.

For a while, I used elastic shoe laces. While these are great, they aren’t interchangeable from shoe to shoe, unless you buy more than one pair.

The other problem with elastic shoe laces is it doesn’t teach kids how to tie their shoes. This is a life skill that I have seen so many kids lack.

Then one day I stumbled upon Safe Lace.

A simple product that solves a common problem.

I put my new safe lace’s on my trail shoes, as they were the shoes that I had the most trouble.

With the safe laces on, no more laces coming untied.  I was able to enjoy my run and not worry about my retying my laces.

What’s great about Safe Lace is that it can be used on any laced shoe by anyone.

Whether you are a runner, a worker, or a school kid. Tie your laces once and lock them in place.

It’s that simple.

While they are super easy to swap from shoe to shoe, unlike the elastic laces, I couldn’t help it and had to buy a few more.

My daughter has them on her school shoes (black of course), and her runners.

No more laces coming undone in this household.

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