Project 52 – Week 3

If I was smart, I would have shown you another photo for Project 52 of either Red Cave or Hollow Cave.

Alas, I forgot to pack the camera.  It wasn’t until we had parked the car at Buandik car park that I realised the mistake.

Oh well. These things happen.

The thing with a photography project like this one is that you really need to take your camera with you everywhere.

This is why, this week’s image is really a last-minute job.

Week 3: Kids

There are days when you just want to do nothing.  This particular day was one of them.

The kids had spent a day out at Halls Gap.

After picking me up from work, I allowed them to chill on the couch playing games on their (and mine) devices.

They would be on there all day if they could.

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