Trail Running it to the next Level

As a runner, we all move up and down the running ladder.

At first, the runs start off small.

Run Ballarat

Then the running bug catches you and slowly those runs get longer and longer.

You’ll do all sorts of distances, and chase the elusive PB (personal best) each time.

Then one day you will feel like you want more.  Some of you may dabble in a triathlon or an obstacle race.

Then there are those of you who have no interest in those types of events.

You love running but you just want a change.

That change my friend is the trail running.

Some of you may never consider the trail rung on that running ladder, and that’s ok.  You do what interests you.

Trail running was something that interested me early on in my running pilgrimage.

My location of course has something to do with that.

Most of my training runs are in the local state forest on dirt tracks and roads.

The Grampians National Park is also only a short drive for me, with hundreds of miles of tracks to explore.

So it’s safe to say that I have more experience in running on granite sand & single lane tracks over roads.


Trail runs aren’t for everyone, and that’s ok.  If you are happy with how you are performing on the roads, then stick with what you enjoy.  But if you are looking for a change or even a challenge, then definitely give a trail race a go.

Trail running is completely different from road running, and here are a few things to consider before you decide to hit the trails.

Forget Time

Don’t compare your road times to your trail times.

This is really hard for some people to get past.  Just because you can run a half marathon in x amount of time, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to run a trail half marathon in the same time frame.

Trail running isn’t about time. It’s about enjoying your surroundings and the experience. This makes your workout harder because along with running you need to deal with balance and agility.

Then it all comes down to the terrain.


Your run on a trail will be much slower than on the road because of the terrain.

The natural terrain and unforeseen obstacles will force you to slow down.

Also, just because you have run that particular track before doesn’t mean it will be in the same condition the next time you will run it.

Expect the following on any trail:

  • Hills or Mountains
  • Rivers / Creeks / Lakes / Oceans and even waterholes
  • Mud – thick, thin and or sinking
  • Sand
  • Rocks of various sizes
  • Fallen trees/branches of various sizes
  • Fierce Animals

All these elements will have an impact on your time as well.

You may even have to walk because of them.


Here is a trial run I did recently.  You can tell where I walked, and where I ran.

Be prepared

Whether you are going for a 5km trail run or a 50km trail run always be prepared.

It goes without saying

Always let someone know where you are going and what time you are expected back.

Make it a habit to carry id with you, and where possible your phone.

When it comes to long trail runs, always think of worst-case scenarios.

In my hydration pack, I make sure I have a jacket, my phone, and an ’emergency’ protein bar.

Carry enough water/fuel/food to cover the distance you are covering.

Personally, I make sure I have a surplus of food/water/electrolytes.

There is a reason why on some races there is compulsory gear, so make sure your pack has basics for that ‘just-in-case scenario.

Have Fun

You’ll have fun, skipping, and jumping over rocks, logs, and other obstacles. It really does make you feel like a kid again.

Running the trails will make you enjoy the natural beauty of our land.

So while the trails can be a challenge, you’ll keep coming back to them.

Trail running offers you a sense of adventure. It will make you fitter and stronger.

It offers you the nature experience that road running often cannot.

But most of all I think trail running will make you remember why you love running.

5 thoughts on “Trail Running it to the next Level”

  1. Jennifer Pug Pug

    This post comes at a pretty opportune time. I don’t really trail run (mostly because there aren’t a lot of trails around), but I was looking at potentially racing next weekend and the only option seems to be a 5K trail run. I don’t know if I am going to do it, because, again, I have never run trails, but how bad could a 5K be? LOL!

    1. It will be fun, that’s for sure. Just check to see if they have an elevation profile that you can check out.
      Look at it as a hilly session for your marathon training.

  2. Great post!!! Love that huge lizard, I’d be too tempted to take it home as a pet, LOL…
    You know my first 3 trail marathons, were sort of a surprise to me (because I never look at courses ahead of time) so imagine my surprise when I realized I was going to be running on a new surface I had never ran on before. They went okay, one I even had a pretty decent faster time but I attribute that to the downhill. However, running on trails works different muscles, and I realized after requires a lot more hip work (stability from the rocky uneven surfaces). I remember thinking as certain parts started to hurt, that it would have been so much more beneficial to have actually trained on trails in the first place, LOL… I would say I will never do that again, but knowing myself I probably will make the mistake of not knowing before showing up sometime in a future marathon:)
    But I agree with you, training on trails, take your time enjoy it more walk when needed. One day I’d like to train on a few trails around here, but that might be a year or two away:) Enjoy those Beautiful Grampians!!!

    1. Trail running takes more out of you because you have more side to side action rather than forward. And balance, is a must.
      As for the lizard, he wasn’t that big, prob as big as more forearm, he was just sunbaking. I love seeing them out and about, better than a snake (and we have a lot of poisonous ones out here in Australia).

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