The Ultimate Check in #3

The kids each have a calendar so they know what’s happening in their lives. They also love crossing off the days.

The other day Miles was counting the days to Christmas.  He goes to me, “mummy it’s 25 days until Christmas”.  I was like no it’s… and started to count with him.

It turned out to be 59 days.

It’s no longer 59 days to Christmas of course. It’s less. *sigh*

I’m saying this because well another month is done and dusted and this year is creeping to a close.

So go grab a drink because it’s time for

JC Ultimate Coffee Date

If we were sitting down for coffee, I would tell you that I had my sights set on running 120km / 75mi for the month of October.

The most I have ever run in a month was 112km back in July (2014).

Alas, it didn’t happen.  Yep, I was bummed about it, but due to commitments that were out of my control, there was nothing I could do about it.

I did clock up 107.48km, not quite 120km, but still impressive all the same.


That means I have run a total of 921.40km.  Yes, that leaves 78.60km left for the year.  Which I should achieve later this month.

If we were sitting down for coffee,  I would tell you that I’m working part-time at the local supermarket.  My roster isn’t finalised yet, so I’ve had some pretty whacky hours, but I’m enjoying it all the same.

So I’m not only a Run Mum I’m also Working Mum.

If we were sitting down for coffee, I would tell you I’m super excited about a trail event coming up later this month.

I haven’t been sick, so I’ve been getting loads of trail runs done up in the Grampians.


Of course, I will do a race recap when the event happens.

What would you tell me if we were sitting down for coffee?
How was your Halloween? Did you do anything special?
What are your plans for November?

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