Lucky Friday the 13th

When the 1st falls on a Sunday you can be guaranteed that the Friday will be a 13th.

When the 1st falls on a Sunday in February, you can be guaranteed that March & September will also have Friday the 13th.

But did you know that when the 1st of June falls on a Sunday, you will only have one Friday the 13th in the year?

Yeah, go look at your calendar I’ll wait for you.

Insert Waiting Music

Yes, a bit of useless information for you.  It’s just one of those things I know.

But while some people think Friday the 13th is unlucky, for me it isn’t.

Here are 13 reasons why Friday the 13th is Lucky for me.

google hb to me

1. It’s my birthday. Even Google said so.


2. These two.

3. Tom. He’s my best friend. Makes me laugh, and smile and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
He’s also a total dork, but I love him.

4. My Sister.
She’s an awesome Aunt, sister, and friend.  She’s amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better sibling.

5. My Parents.
They rock.  They will have been married for 40 years this year.  How awesome is that!
I can thank my mum for my running genes, and my dad for a love for food, oh and reading and photography too.

6. Running.

7. The Grampians
So close to home, so much to explore, what’s not to love?!

8. Events
Like Tough Mudder & Spartan Race & any other running event.
I’ve already signed up for my 3rd Tough Mudder!  I look forward to tackling a new course in South Australia.

9. Photography

I’ve taken some online photography courses, and I’ve fallen in love with the editing process of photography all over again. This image was taken while I was in Argentina back in 2012. It was shot as a jpg, but decided to convert it to black and white for some punch.

10. Reading
As I’ve gotten older, I’m definitely enjoying reading more.
So far I’ve read over 30 books for the year! Go me.

11. Food
Nutrient-dense whole foods.  Since going gluten-free paleo, I’ve definitely enjoyed the cooking process more.

12. Music
My dad use to be a disc jockey at the local radio station when I was 6.  So I have a love of music from a young age.

Yes, I love 80’s music, but I also use to play the viola (like the violin), so I also have a love of classical music.

13. Blogging
RunMum might not be much, but it’s a part of me, and I love to get to share my life with the blogosphere.

Wishing you a fantastic “lucky Friday the 13th”!

9 thoughts on “Lucky Friday the 13th”

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! 13 is my fave number & I have a black cat. I always consider Friday the 13th a totally awesome day 🙂

  2. Oh wow, is it your birthday today? Happy birthday, I hope you had a fantastic day!!! I love your photography, it’s a huge hobby of mine too but I have still got a lot to learn! And 30 books for the year? I am so impressed! I am very embarrassed to admit that I have not finished a single one this year 🙁 Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Yep My birthday, had a great time.
      I’m glad you love my photography that makes me happy. And I do enjoy it.
      Some people aren’t readers, and that’s ok. I mainly read while waiting for the kids at swimming, and at night in bed, so after a while you get through books.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you have a great day!!!!!
    I had no idea about those Friday the 13th facts:) I follow you on Goodreads, you do read a lot and I have to say have excellent taste in books:) I’m reading the “Fallen” series you recommended a while back right now myself, and I am really enjoying it!

    1. Thanks Kristy.
      I have to thank you for some of the books to cause I’ve gotten off your list.
      I was recommended the Fallen series at a book shop, cause I loved Twilight, and I wanted something along those lines, but wasn’t “vampire”.
      Don’t read “Fallen in Love” it was a complete let down.

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