SAAC Race Recap: Horsham Little Athletics

In the car driving to Horsham, I felt all sleepy and warm and really had little enthusiasm to run the club race.

I went in with ZERO expectations. I just wanted to run and survive.

Run and survive I did.

Horsham is flat, and having run and won this course last year, I knew what it was going to be like.

As this was a handicap event I had to wait around until the clock ticked over 18:20 before I could start.

The course covered a path, boardwalk, track, and rocks.

We were told at the Fforde there would be about an inch of water.  I thought oh yeah that’s not much. I shouldn’t get too wet feet.

Yeah more like ankle deep, it was just as well I was wearing wicking socks.  (Experia’s for the win!)

Not long after the fforde my shoelace comes undone.  I wasn’t impressed about this because it meant I had to stop, but I was only 3km into an 8km run, so I stopped and double-knotted it again.

I can only assume the water from the weir going over the fforde loosened the lace.

After that my breathing was all out of whack, stopping caused me to get out of rhythm, and get a stitch.  So for the next few kilometers on concentrated on alternating my breathing.

Having been ill I knew that it would take time to build up the endurance.  My body is still recovering, so I just went at a pace I knew I could sustain.

That pace still ended up being a 5min pace.  Which I’m happy with.

I also didn’t end up dead last.  I was 2nd last but last for the girls.

The 8km I ran in 39:40, which I’ll take. Considering all the sickness dramas I have had.

5 thoughts on “SAAC Race Recap: Horsham Little Athletics”

  1. I think you did great on your race! I am glad you are getting over your illness and you are able to start getting back to your normal self and enjoying the fun parts of your life again!

    1. Thanks, I got in a long run the other day and I survived. Best part of it I wasn’t sore at all.
      I had the intentions of doing a blog post, but got caught up with other things.

      Ps. thanks for recommending Catherine, really enjoying it.

  2. Jennifer Pug Pug

    Ugh. I’m sorry you haven’t been well. However, I think you did great! Feel better soon!

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