I don’t believe in Can’t

I don’t like the word can’t | cannot. In fact I don’t believe in the word of can’t.  I tell my kids “there is no such word as can’t”.  You can do it you just choose not too.

Most people say they can’t because they see can’t as too hard. They are afraid to get out of their comfort zone.

So today’s Monday Motivation is the following:

You can, and you will.

6 thoughts on “I don’t believe in Can’t”

  1. I stumbled across your blog the other day and I love it. So so so inspiring. Are there any running blogs that inspire you? Renee x

    1. Hi Renee and welcome to RunMum, glad I can be of some inspiration. As for running blogs, gosh there are a few. Trainlikeamum, fitparentsaus, hummingbirdssong are just a handful of the blogs I follow. Running Bloggers is also a fantastic worldwide running community.
      #runchat on twitter is also fantastic to connect to other runners too.

  2. Love this!!! I prefer to take the word Can’t out of everything too! I believe so much that anyone can do anything they put their mind to, it may not always be easy or turn out exactly how they want, but they can do it:)

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