Heart Challenge

Today marked the 2nd Wimmera/Grampians Heart Challenge.  Jackie created this event as her dad died of a heart attack back in 1996.  The leading cause of death in our region is related to heart disease.  Which is quite sad. All the monies raised from this event will go back into the community to help our locals become more aware of their health.

Wimmera Heart Challenge
At the start line, doesn’t seem like there are a whole lot of people, but still approx 40mins until start time.

It was another sunny winter day, which made for a great event.  All up there were approx 400 runners and walkers, which is fantastic for our small community.

I choose to do the 10km event this year.  I knew however that I was not going to get a PB, but that’s ok, not every run has to be a PB.  Monday is also normally my long run, so I decided to make today’s race my long run instead.  So the run for me was just to keep it at a steady pace and also to not overdo it.

I forgot how hard the other side of Big Hill is.  Normally when I run big will I run up Scenic Road.  It’s longer, but the hill is more extended.  The other side is a lot tougher, but I didn’t walk, sure my pace slowed, but that’s to be expected.

RunMum Heart Challenge

Overall it was a great event.  Thank you Jackie for creating an event that brings awareness to something that is and should be important to all of us – our Health and Well being.

2 thoughts on “Heart Challenge”

  1. Oh wish I was up to running a 10k at the moment.. I’m really hoping this week I’ll be able to put the running shoes back on!

    I love the 365 day photo project idea!!! I’ve never considered it before but it sounds perfect and makes so much sense!!! Do you have a blog post about it, or any links? I’d love to learn more! (i might head off to google it now!)

    Hope you are recovering well and having a great weekend xx

    1. I’ve edited this post to include a finish photo.

      I hope you get your run in this week, I love running, my next run will most likely be a short one on Tuesday.

      As for project 365, check out my photography http://www.lovemicreations.com/miblog/ and then look up project 365. I have thought about doing it again, but it’s a lot of work. Might do a project 52 again.

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