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Back in April, I did a Would You Rather Blog post, care of Cori over at Olive To run. She has since done a few more would you rather’s, and well I figure it’s about high time that I do another one.

Do a tempo run or do hill repeats?
This is a tough one, cause well I like both.  I find I tend to do more tempo runs in ‘race’ run events.  SAAC has really helped with this.  So the answer to this question is going to be hill repeats.  Yep that’s right, hills.  Don’t get me wrong, tempo runs have their place, I just like the challenge of the hiills.

Hydrate with water OR hydrate with a sports drink?
Water.  If I have to hydrate with a sports drink then it’s going to be NUUN hands down.

Itch constantly as you’re running or sneeze constantly as you’re running?
Itching would annoy the crap out of me, so the answer would be sneezing. I carry a hanky with me most of the time on my runs, and if I forget, well then yep I do bushman style. As a person who suffers from eczema, I don’t like itching, so yes I’d rather sneeze.

Photo by Brandon Nickerson from Pexels

Compete in the Olympics as a runner or in another sport? (What sport?)
You know what I’m going to say another sport. Yep, that’s right. If I had to choose a sport other than running it would be Archery. This Photo is old, like from 2004 or 2005, and I apologies at the seriously crappy quality of it, and me a little larger in size (I can say that I don’t that outfit anymore), but it does show that I shot a “Robin Hood” where you shoot an arrow into an arrow. I still have these arrows. (Not to shoot again, but as a keeper to show people that I did it, which btw, does impress them).

Be a short distance sprinter OR be the energizer bunny, holding the same pace for a long period of time?
Energizer bunny, I much prefer the longer distances.

Do speed work on a treadmill OR do speed work on a track?
Can I say neither?  Really can I? Argh I have to choose, phooey, well since I don’t have a treadmill, I’m going to say a track.

Do core work OR stretch post run? (Now do you really do either?)
Stretch.  And Yes I do actually stretch after a run.  I find I tend to do the core work more with my strength training than after a run.

Have no toe nails OR black toe nails?
Well I have never lost a toe nail from running, so I will say black toe nails – painted ones aka nail polish 🙂

Wear an army pack while running OR wear lead-toed boots while running?
I think I would much prefer wearing an Army pack.  Why? cause it would give me more of a workout.

Run twice a day three days a week or run once a day for seven days a week?
Would it be weird if I said twice a day?  You see I only run 3-4 days a week, so doing double runs wouldn’t be a problem for me. Running 7 days a week at the moment, without a treadmill is not doable for me at this current moment in time.

Have side cramps your entire run or have leg cramps your entire run?
Since I have to use my legs to get me where I need to go, side cramp. At least then I could hold my side, or go slower, or change my breathing to ease it.

What are your “Would you Rather”? Feel free to choose one or to answer all. 

4 thoughts on “Would You Rather #2”

  1. Very fun. We have a lot of the same answers, I think. Although I think I might rather leg cramps than side ones, but I’m not 100% on that.

  2. I would compete in swimming at the Olympics. I used to swim in high school for our team, I wasn’t fast but I could do the long distances so my nickname was the Energizer Bunny. 🙂

    1. I use to swim in high school too. My fav stroke was (and still is) breast stroke, followed by freestyle. I hate backstroke, and I can do butterfly, just not very well.

  3. I’d love to do some core work and stretch properly after a run! I usually am flat out squeezing in the run though! I’d love to hear how you fit in your running while having a family? Please write a post! Actually I’d love you to write a guest post about it if you’d like!! x

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