Lets talk about – Diet

Part 2 of What I’ve Learnt


I hate that word. Diet.  It’s Die with a T. Seriously. Doesn’t it just want you to throw in the towel? There are so many diets out there, that hell, of course it’s going to be overwhelming and confusing.

Needless to say, the food that you put into your body IS important.


You wouldn’t put crappy fuel into your car, so why would you put crappy food into your body.

If you want your body to run efficiently then you need to give it the best quality food.

I’m not going to lie, I still eat crappy food, but not as often as I use to.  And when I do, I can feel the difference. Yep, I can tell.

In my family my daughter is anaphalxis to peanuts.  My son doesn’t have any food allergies, but does have sensitivities to gluten & lactose. He also suffers asthma and eczema.  I too also suffer from eczema, and I also happen to be intolerant to shellfish. I like crab, but if I eat it, or any type of shellfish, I get bloated, seriously bloated, like 7 months pregnant bloated.  It’s not fun.  The indigestion that comes with it, also no fun. So I don’t have shellfish.  I’m ok with fish, providing someone else cooks it, as the smell, omg *gags* makes me want to puke.
My partner, he also has sensitivities to gluten. So as you can see what we eat in this household is important for our overall health and well being.

What I eat now is different to what I ate 18 months ago. I eat more protein, less carbs, more whole foods, less junk, more eggs, less grains, more almonds, less sugar.  I eat a SANE / Paleo / Primal diet.

I still have rice, and pasta but not as often as I use to, maybe every 10-14 days.
I still have cake, but I usually make it with less flour, and more coconut flour or almond flour. (So more gluten free).

Now if you are thinking, I can’t eat like that! You are wrong.  Our ancestors ate this way (Paleo), and they survived, therefore we can too. We’ve been conditioned into thinking that low fat is better.  Low fat just means high carbs, and when we don’t need the extra carbs, guess what?, it just gets converted into fat. Yep fat.

Don’t believe it?  Well you don’t have to take my word for it, do the research yourself.  It’s all about trial and error, you find what works for you.  Because what works for me, might not work for you.

So what do I eat in a typical day? Well it’s as follows:

Carrie Brown’s Hot & Nutty Cereal or Almond Pear Porridge
With a hot tea or coffee (whatever I’m in the mood for)

Snack’s (morning or afternoon)
Carrie Brown’s Berry Porridge
Beef Jerky
Quest protein bars (Almond Crunch is my fav)
Piece of fruit

Egg Omelette & some form of protein like a chicken thigh and a veggies or a salad.
I also love making open burgers, so think burger, but no bread.
Or leftovers from dinner (if there are any)

Serving of protein, like a sausage hot pot, or a chicken casserole, and a huge serving of veggies. Usually carrots, broccoli, and cabbage.

That gives you a rough idea of what I have.  Some days I’m more SANE than other days, just depends on what I’m doing, and how my stress levels are.

How has your ‘diet’ played a roll in your life? What’s your favourite go to meal? Do you have a recipe you care to share?
Post a little or a lot, it’s up to you.



10 thoughts on “Lets talk about – Diet”

  1. I became vegan three years ago and it had made a tremendous difference in how I feel and my recovery after long runs! I ran a 100 mile race in 26:55:18 and was able to teach a spin class 2 days later, then resume run training 2 days after that! My favorite “go to” quick meals is Homemade Hummus on a whole wheat tortilla with either some olives or spinach in it as well. Love the blog and Happy Friday!

    1. Good for you for become vegan. I love my meat too much, so I wouldn’t be a vegetarian or a vegan anytime soon.
      Diet or I should say nutrition is so important. I mean do you think you would have recovered so quickly after doing an ultra marathon on the typical “SAD” (diet). I highly doubt it hey.
      When I was loosing weight, I new eating healthy was vital, but it has only been the last year, that I have really focused on it more, and wow, the improvements I have see are tenfold, esp for my kids.
      Glad you like the blog.

  2. We’ve been pretty lucky to have very few food issues in our house. One thing we do love is fish – all kinds. In fact, we recently had parm-crusted haddock! It’s a delicious recipe I found by Rachael Ray. Happy Friday!

  3. I pretty much eat vegan-ish…that means no meat except salmon and shrimp occasionally, no milk or dairy, and rarely an egg or two…lots of vegetables, fruit, whole foods…etc! You have to eat good to feel good! I do eat dark chocolate once in awhile and of course indulge in things like vegan banana bread but that is a rare thing. Great post, thanks for sharing..found you on FF link up..following you now…follow back if you like.

    1. Hi Shannon, thanks for the post.
      Totally agree, you have to eat good to feel good. Like the saying goes, if you want to be fast and cheap, eat fast and cheap. If you want to be of quality, then eat quality foods.

    1. My thoughts exactly.
      It comes down to education. People really become overwhelmed with the diets out there. And for a lot of people they think they are eating healthy because it’s low fat, and exercise like crazy but aren’t seeing improvements. They don’t say 80% nutrition 20% exercise for nothing.

  4. I basically say the same thing as you do about putting crappy food into our bodies like gas in a high performance vehicle.
    My food/fuel into my body has changed in the past 18 months since I became a much more consistent and dedicated runner. I still have an occasional cheat, but 98 percent of the time I cook at home event taking lunch to work. I know that if I want changes that they start with me.

    1. I totally agree.
      The fuel I use to eat differs very different to what I eat now. It’s nothing like having a child with allergies, that makes you rethink the foods you have in your house

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