Mindful Monday: Keep a Record

Each week, when I do my strength training sessions, I note down what exercises, reps, sets and weights I use. I like to keep track of my progress. This allows me to know when to increase my weights or reps, or change in exercise and sets.

Regardless of what program I have done for strength training, I’ve always kept a record of my workouts.

Photo by pure julia on Unsplash

Recently I was cleaning up my google drive and I came across a workout record google sheet from 2017.

Being curious I opened it to have a squiz.

It was then I discovered that my squat went from 26kg (at 5 reps) to 52.5kg (at 8 reps). Yes, that’s double the weight, and also at a higher rep count.

The deadlift was even more impressive. Going from 26kg (at 9 reps) to 80kg (at 5 reps using the trap bar). That’s a whopping 54kg difference.

Progress is never linear. This progress has taken six years. Multiple training modules break from training and general life changes.

Photo by Hayley Murray on Unsplash

Without a record of my progress, I would have never known that there was such an improvement.

Even looking back at when I started this specific training program, I can see the grains and growth.

This all comes down to keeping a record.

Keeping a record is a great tool to for you to look back on, and see that growth takes time and patience.

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