Speedwork Sessions #37: Get Over It

Love them or hate them, running hills is the only way to get better at hills. They also help you become stronger and faster.

The thing to remember about running hills is that it’s not about pace but about effort.

Running hills isn’t about an all-out effort. You’ll want your last repeat to similar to your first.

With consistency, you’ll find that running hills will not only make you better at running them but improve your cardiovascular system as well.

Go find a hill and try out this workout.

Each hill repeat has the equivalent recovery.

You may find that on the longer repeats that you get back to the start line quicker than on the shorter repeats.

Use this time to catch your breath.

Total Session Time: 38 minutes, with 18 minutes of hill repeats

Feeling adventurous? Add in two-minute hill repeats at the start. This will increase your total workout time to 50 minutes, with 30 minutes of hill repeats.

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