Would you Rather Revist

Back in 2013, I did a would you rather series. Where I asked you which you would rather.

In a recent newsletter, I decided to revisit the would you rather blogs.

If you want to read the original post, you can do so here – Would You Rather.

1. would you rather run a 5k or a marathon?

Having now run both distances, I can actually say that this is a tough choice. They are both very different when it comes to the level of intensity.

Running 5k flat out is hard. But it is over and done within 30 minutes.

A marathon, however, is hard, because it’s long, but the intensity less.

I’m going to choose the 5km distance.

Why? Because I could run 5km every day and whatever pace I want, fast or slow.

I wouldn’t be able to do that with the marathon distance without ending up injured.

2. would you rather run in the heat of summer or the icy winter?

Summer makes you appreciate how much easier it is to run in winter.

Hands down, winter. Except for snow. I and snow are not friends.

3. would you rather have new running shoes or a new running outfit?


It will always be shoes.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com

4. would you rather run alone or in a group?

I use to think I was a group runner.

Over time, however, I’ve come to realise that I’m a solo runner.

If you ask me to come run with you, then yes, I will join you.

The only time I get to run with a group now is events. Even then, you run alone in a group, as we all run our own race.

5. would you rather run next to someone in a race who tries to talk to you constantly or someone who breathes heavy and grunts?

Choosing the heavy breather and grunter.

You are in your own running zone, in a race. A heavy breather or grunter, wouldn’t bother me.

6. would you rather run a race because of the convenience location, price, travel or the swag?

Can we remove convenience? Too bad I am.

Destination events are the best. It’s not about the swag. If I didn’t get a medal, I’m ok with that.

I’d much rather buy the event photos, than have a medal that will just end up collecting dust.

WTF Lumberjack

7. would you rather run a race with a group of friends or by yourself?

Unless I was supporting a running friend in their running goal, running with a group of friends wouldn’t happen. (See answer 4.)

Therefore the answer is of course myself.

8. would you rather run a pr but result in an injury or finish strong and missing a pr?

While personal records or best are nice to have, my pr/b days are over.

I’d rather finish strong and have fun.

9. would you rather eat a big meal the night before or a big meal after a race?

A normal meal before, and then a soul-filling meal after the race.

10. would you rather be chased by a swarm of bees or a pack of dogs?

On my second last long run for WTF Lumberjack, I got stung by a wasp. It was not fun.

Dogs, usually want to play, and their owners are usually not that far away.

At least with a dog, you can stop, and calm them down. You can’t do that with bees.

What would YOU rather do?
Choose one, two, three, or all and share what you would you rather.

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