Would You Rather Revisit #2

In March, I decided to revisit the Would You Rather series.

It’s time for another round!

Go here, if you want to read the original Would You Rather #2.

Do a Tempo Run or Hill Repeats?

Tough choice, both have their place, and both are beneficial for any runner.

Tempo runs are great in helping you to get race-ready.

Hill repeats are a strength workout in disguise.

Again, I will say hill repeats because I can gauge how much I have improved on the hills.

Hydrate with water or with a Sports Drink?

Sports drinks have their place, especially when it comes to replenishing your electrolytes, but this one is easy. Hands down water.

Itch constantly as you’re running or sneeze constantly as you’re running?

Both options are pretty crap.

Last time I said sneezing. Guess what, I’m changing my mind! I’m going to say itch.

During a training run for the Warburton Trail Fest, I got stung by a wasp. The itch and pain were yuck, but the power of distraction helped me get through it.

Compete in the Olympics as a runner or in another sport? (What sport?)

If I had the talent and I actually qualified, I would say trail running. That’s if it were an actual sport at the Olympics.

Last time I said Archery, but if I had to choose now, maybe powerlifting. To be honest, I’m not sure.

Why does it have to be a sport though? Why couldn’t we go for gold on climate change, kindness or knowing how to knit or crochet your own jumper.

Now that I could get behind.

Be a short-distance sprinter? Or be the energizer bunny, holding the same pace for a long period of time?

It’s been over 4 years since I won a SAAC Event.

One day while talking with the current handicapper, he said to me:

I don’t know how to handicap you. I feel like you hold back on the shorter distances and do better over the longer distances.

S Edge

Do I be offended by that or honoured?

Let’s say honoured.

All those long slow runs have definitely helped not only my endurance but also my speed.

The answer is once again, an energizer bunny.

Do a speedwork session on the treadmill or on a track?

Hands down the track.

Sure I will run on the treadmill at the gym if I HAVE to, but I’d rather go round and round at the track. At least I would be outside.

Do a core workout or stretch post-run?

What if I told you I do neither, but I do both?

Every day for over 2 years, I have done a minimum of 10 minutes of mobility.

This could but is not limited to, yoga, static and dynamic stretching, and core work.

I do what my body needs on the day.

Have no toenails or black toenails?

In the ten years I have been running, I’m yet to lose a toenail or have a nail go black.

Keeping that streak alive, gonna say neither!

Wear an army pack while running or wear steal-capped boots while running?

Considering that what I have to pack for an ultra is about 5kg, I’m going to stick with the Army pack.

Run twice a day three days a week or run once a day for seven days a week?

Double runs have their place, and if you are time-poor, or training for a 100km event, are vital to building endurance on tried legs.

Running twice a day for 3 days means I can fill my other days with other workouts, like yoga and strength sessions at the gym.

Have a side cramp your entire run or have leg cramps your entire run?

Um, hello, female here, have you ever heard of this thing that happens every month from around the ages of 12 to 50ish?

Yeah, it’s this thing called a period. We know how to deal with cramps.

Still, I’d rather a side cramp than a leg cramp.

What’s your would you rather? Pick one or all!

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