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While cruising the many running blogs found via Running Bloggers I came across this nifty running survey called Would You Rather on the Olive to Run Blog (and I must say great play on words for the blog title, thumbs up on that one).
So I thought I would play along and participate in the survey too.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of fun.

1. Would you rather run a 5k or a marathon?

Considering I have never run a marathon before, I’ll take the 5km any day.

Even though I like running longer distances, it would still be 5k.

Ask me again when I run a marathon (which by the way may never happen). I haven’t decided I want to go there.

2. Would you rather run in the heat of summer or the icy winter?

Who’s winter are we talking about here?

Are we talking about snow and all that, like in the Northern Hemisphere, or are we talking Australian winters?  

Cause if it’s Australia winters we are talking about, then yes, Aussie Winters for the win. If we are talking about snow, then that’s going to be a hard one, because Australia’s summers are HOT!

Running in the heat does have its advantages.  I have noticed that it has helped me get faster.  So I guess I’m saying heat.

3. Would you rather have new running shoes or a new running outfit?

Ooh tough one, but I love shoes, so it would be shoes. Don’t get me wrong I do love outfits, but at the end of the day, I don’t run barefoot (yet, and if and when I do I would still have Vibrams), so it would still be shoes.

4. Would you rather run alone or in a group?

I do 99.9% of all my runs alone, so I would have to say alone.  

It’s not that I don’t like a group.  Groups do have a positive effect.  I mean you have someone to talk to if need be.  They are great support (network) and can help challenge you to go harder, faster, longer and further. 

5. Would you rather run next to someone in a race who tries to talk to you constantly or someone who breathes heavy and grunts?

Unless I’m actually running in a group, I usually wear my headphones and listen to music on my runs.  But those times when I do run with someone else, it’s light chat/banter.  

So I would much prefer the talker over a heavy breather or grunter.

6. Would you rather run a race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag?

Freebies are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but the location would trump freebies on this one.  

Why? Well, I live in the country, so I have to travel anyway to get to where I need to run. Sure I’m lucky to have my folks living in the city so I can stay with them, but I still have to travel there.

I’m looking forward to Run The Gap because that’s local, and I get to run on home turf.

7. Would you rather run a race with a group of friends or by yourself?

This question is very similar to question 5, so the answer would be by myself.

I’m used to it.  Surprisingly I get a lot of thinking done, even when I have music playing. Sometimes I listen to audiobooks too. 

8. Would you rather run a PR but result in an injury or finish strong and missing a PR?

I’d rather finish DFL (dead flippin last) and be injury-free than the risk it go out hard and getting injured. 

9. Would you rather eat a big meal the night before or a big meal after a race?

You know what, I’d rather eat a big lunch the day before, and then a smallish meal for dinner.  Then after my race have a good hearty meal.

10. Would you rather be chased by a swarm of bees or a pack of dogs?

Hmm.  I’m not sure.  I’m not allergic to bees, however, I could get stung, and I could get stung many times.  

Dogs on the other hand, well usually a dog would be with its owner.  And most dogs are like, ‘ooh someone to play with me’, so I’m saying dogs. 

What would YOU rather do?
Choose one, two, three, or all and share what you would you rather.

13 thoughts on “Would You Rather”

  1. Those are all great questions! 1. Marathon 2. Heat 3. New Shoes 4. Run Alone Im and Introvert. 5.Talks Constantly..I find that encouraging. 6. The quality of the swag. 7. If I had running friends I would say friends but, I only have one so I’m outta luck here. 8. Miss the PR with no Injury. 9. A big meal after the race. 10. Neither. Loved your anses by the way.. oops I thought this was for me

  2. I’d rather run with a group of friends, especially on long runs…makes it seem easier AND definitely more fun! Running friends are hilarious 😉

  3. I would rather run a marathon! 5ks make me sick … I run so hard that I feel like throwing up at the end of a 5k. I haven’t ran a 5k in over a year. It has nothing to do with running long in fact I can knock out a pretty good time in longer distances 1:26:29 in the half marathon, 3:11:54 in the marathon, 1:05:42 in the 10-mile … I just dislike the 5k …

  4. Great questions! 1. Marathon 2. Either, sun or snow, I love it both:) 3. Shoes!!!! 4. Run Alone! 5. Tuff one, I guess a talker:) 6. Location 7. Myself, I am a solo runner too! 8. Never injury, finish strong or barely finish:) I am nursing a bad injury now, and its miserable!!! 9. Big meal the night after the race:) 10. Dogs, I carry pepper spray for biting stays anyways, I have nothing for bee’s:)

  5. What a fun post! 🙂
    Yikes!! Your last answer… I would definitely say bees for sure because I absolutely HATE dogs! I live in the country and out here dogs aren’t usually with owners and can be really snarly!

  6. Thanks for all the replies, was great to see my inbox full of comments to approve.

    I wish I had those colourful Asics. I have that shoe, just not that color 🙁 of course they didn’t have it in my size.

    I just want to say with question 1. that if the choice was 5km and a half-marathon, then I would so pick the half for sure. I just love that distance. It’s not over and done like a 5km is. While the half is just the right amount of farness for me. Make sense? Well I hope so.

    1. Feel free to use the questions Rhi, I don’t mind.
      Run the Gap is a really beautiful run, bummer you have to miss this year, but next year for sure would love to run it with you.

  7. I love this and might eventually do a post similar to this – thanks for passing on the idea!

    Here are my responses:

    1. Marathon – The main reason is that I’ve run two and my finishes didn’t sit well with me. I’ve fallen short of my goal both times I’ve run and it sort of gnaws at me. I love a good 5K, but I really want to do a marathon again!

    2. Summer – I’ve tried to do longer runs in the dead of winter, but it just doesn’t work for me. Heat and humidity don’t exactly make for fun long runs, but as long as I have my hydration belt, I’m good.

    4. The answer to ‘Alone or in a group’ depends – Two years ago I would have definitely said alone. While I still like to run alone, I’ve started running with other people and it’s great to have others there to pull you through a rough mile or two. I’ve also talked to people who have had PRs in all types of races after joining a running group, so I figure there must be something to it and am joining one later this month!

    8. Finish the race – Again, another instance where my answer has evolved. Before my second marathon, all I cared about was finishing under the time I had set as a goal. I got hurt in that race and while I finished, it set me WAY back. I didn’t run for a month or two and it more or less set the tone for my running in 2012. I’d definitely rather finish strong and healthy in any race I do so I can keep on running consistently.

    10. Definitely a pack of bees – depending where I’m running, I’d like to think I could duck inside somewhere, jump in a pond or withstand a few stings. I love dogs, but if I’m being chased by a pack of them who either aren’t looking to play or get their bellies scratched, I would think I’d be in some serious trouble…

    1. Great answer PJ.
      You are 2 marathons up on me. Once my kids are a bit older, I may try for one, haven’t decided yet. I do hope you get the goal time you are looking for. Feel free to do a similar post, I look forward to responding.

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