Book Review: You Need to Know

By Nicola Moriarty

Audiobook: 9h 45m
Paperback: 352 pages
Mi Rating: ★★★★ (4)

This book is told in multiple voices:

  • Jill (the matriarch)
  • Darren (son)
  • Pete (son)
  • Tony (son)
  • Mimi (Tony’s wife)
  • Callie (Tony’s 16-year-old daughter)
  • Andrea (Pete’s wife)

Other characters in the book are:

  • Tara (Mimi’s & Tony’s 10 year old daughter)
  • Twins Elliot & James (Mimi’s & Tony’s daughters)
  • Charlotte (Darren’s ex wife)
  • Frank (Jill’s Husband, and father to Darren, Pete & Tony)
  • Sage (Darren’s random hook-up)

So yes, there are a lot of characters, and it can get confusing, especially when the story is told in multiple voices.


Last Christmas, Jill tragically lost her husband Frank when they were traveling up to their holiday home on Christmas eve.

This year she’s going to ensure that the entire family arrives together in convoy.

While traveling on the highway to the holiday home a car crash happens.

The crash will be an accident, but the secrets that unravel were long coming.

While the multiple voices can be a bit confusing, this story is about family, the lies we tell each other, the lies that we tell ourselves, and the secrets we keep to protect ourselves and our family.

We all have secrets, but how far are you willing to go to keep your secret hidden?

A gripping read, that will leave you gasping until the end.

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