Grampians Peaks Trail: Fastest Known Times

Fastest Known Times (FKT) to run the Grampians Peaks Trail (GTP) from Mt Zero car park to Dunkeld. (North to South)

North to South


1Michael Dunstan 24:01:3324.11.2023
2Matthew Crehan25:25:1624.11.2023
3Chris Mcauliffe26:02:2324.11.2023
4Luke Barrett28:10:2524.11.2023
5Daniel Hughes29:21:4724.11.2023


1Kellie Angel (nee Emmerson)28:18:5724.11.2023
2Cecilia Mattas29:28:2824.11.2023
3Bec Howe36:31:2924.11.2023
4Fiona Castle36:38:4024.11.2023
5Fiona Morgan39:02:1124.11.2023

Fastest Known Times (FKT) to run the Grampians Peaks Trail (GTP) from Dunkeld to Mt Zero. (South to North)

South to North


No current attempts.


No current attempts.

Honorable Mentions

To the following runners who were the first to run the GTP when it first opened in 2022

Ruik Symon & Simon Duke31:33:1212.03.2022
Julie Brock44:02:5426.02.2022

Have you attempted or know of somebody that has run the GTP and it is not listed please contact me.

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