Things to do in Taper

Taper is that weird time after your last long run and race day.

This doesn’t mean that you completely stop your training program after your last long training day. Instead, we back off the intensity, while keeping the same amount of training days.

It’s normal to feel sluggish, hazy, and tired.

You also may feel strong and energetic.

However you feel, be kind to yourself.

The point of taper is to refresh your body, and to get it ready for race day.

It’s easy to push your body in this phase because you start to feel good. Go easy on yourself. Don’t do anything stupid, and then wreck yourself before race day.

7 self-care things you can do during taper

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels
  1. Read a book
  2. Catch up on your favourite tv series
  3. Sleep
  4. Have a coffee date with a friend
  5. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  6. Declutter social media
  7. Spend time in nature

Think of taper as a self-care time. Look after yourself, in mind-body, and soul.

Whatever you choose to do, ensure that it brings you peace and joy.

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