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It’s been strange not having any events to participate in 2020. This is why when Clothing the Gap decided to do another virtual run I was all in for connect to country.

There were multiple distances to choose from 5k up to the full marathon. Since the half-marathon distance is my jam, I went with that.

Running on my home turf it was an honour to represent the djab wurrung people (The Grampians).

The course I had in mind was Wonderland, in reverse with a bit extra. Wonderland (the run), is only a 20km loop, which is why I ran along the Bellfield wall to add up the extra distance.

On the weekend of November 20-22, I set out and completed my event.

Seems like half the state were out in the Grampians that weekend.

It was partly due to restrictions being lifted and many Melbournites escaping to the country.

Hey, I don’t blame them, I would have done the same thing too.

Luckily I didn’t encounter people until I was climbing Sundial Peak.

Then on my approach to the Pinnacle, I swear it was a highway!

While it’s lovely to see so many people out and about, it meant for that section of the track it was slow going waiting for people.

It was a pleasure to be able to get out and run this course, I just hope that I can run with other people soon!

Top: Orange Addidas singlet
Bottoms: Boody Shorts
Socks: Injinji Trail
Shoes: New Balance Hierro
Fuel: Water, huck nutrition, Goulburn Valley fruit pouch

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