Wild Mount Beerimpo

I can officially say that Wild Mount Beerimpo was my only official event for 2020.

Beerimpo is the Djab wurrung name for Mt Buangor state forest, located between Ararat and Ballarat.

Want to know the difference between State and National parks? Go here: Explore Diverse Landscapes

It was seriously a last-minute decision to run this race. The kilometres were already in my legs from running Connect to Country only weeks prior. I thought why the hell not?

Sort of local-ish at Mt Buangor, it’s a part of the state I have never explored before.

I have previously run the Gold Rush event back in 2018 when it was in Daylesford. This event still exists, and will be back in April 2021.

The race was relocated due to COVID restrictions. This allowed for better social distancing. It did however mean they could only offer 1 distance of 22ish k’s.

Both courses are a must-adventure for any trail runner.

I do hope that the race organises keep this event and add more distance options. If they do, I would be in. Any excuse to come back and visit?

Starting on the grounds of Cave Hill Creek, it weaves through the grounds before hitting single-track glory and lush tall trees.

Within a mile, the climbing begins and then continues for another 4-5km. Being immersed in the forest you don’t notice the time ticking by. The views are just worth it. While you may only be looking on to farmland, the day was just stunning, and you could see for miles.

Hugging the ridgeline it’s a gradual ascent to the top. You are just immersed in nature.

Around the 15km mark, you start your descent. It’s hard not to get carried away. I felt like I was flying. It was just so much fun.

What wasn’t fun, was having to climb over fallen trees over the path.

On one such account, I had my fuel in hand ready to consume. As I lifted my leg to get over the tree, I felt it. Killer cramp. Having not had a cramp since I ran Surf Coast the year prior, you suddenly remember why they are no fun.

The fuel, unfortunately, came too little too late. The next few trees I was so cautious as I didn’t want the cramp to return. I also had no more gels. Lesson learned, carry more than you think you need.

Helping to pass the time, I put on some tunes, to get me through the last kilometres. That only lasted 5 minutes, as I ended up falling in pace with another runner and we ran and chatted to the end together.

Soon enough we were back at Cave Hill, and I crossed the line, a bit sore, but exceptionally happy.

Cup filled.

Top: Operation Move
Bottoms: Boody Shorts
Socks: Injinji Trail
Shoes: New Balance Hierro
Fuel: Water, huck nutrition, Goulburn Valley fruit pouch, salt and vinegar chips

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