Ultimate Running Date #36

It’s that time of the month again, to strap on your running shoes and go on our monthly running date.

Wow, May was jam-packed, a significant difference from the last few months for sure.

I’m still not as fast as I was pre-injury, but I’m quite happy with how I’m running in the SAAC events.

In the last few races, I’ve been running sub-5-minute k’s.

One of the running coaches would rather I not do my long run the day before the SAAC runs.  However, my weekends are Fridays and Saturdays, so this suits me better.

I do understand what he is saying, by not running on Fridays I would essentially have fresh legs for the club runs on Saturdays, and therefore would perform better.

If I were doing road races, then yes I properly would change my schedule and do my long runs around town after I finish work on Sundays.

But I’m not.  All the events I’m doing are trail runs.  Therefore I need to train on trails, as that is what will get me race ready.

So for right now, I will continue to run my long slow trail runs on Fridays.  I may not win a club run this year, but I’m ok with that.

The kids have also enjoyed the running events that they have been able to attend.

Miles has been a cracker, with skipping and jumping while running, but he’s having fun, so I just let him go with it.

Kayla while slightly more serious, enjoys running a little bit more now that there are more kids her age.

Just the other day we had 15 sub-juniors racing! That’s the most I think the club has seen in a long time.

Worst Run

It happens to the best of us.  Crap runs.

Well this one, was the worst of the worst.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

As mentioned, Fridays are the start of my weekend.  On this particular Friday, I was scheduled to work in the canteen. As this was going to take up most of the day, I decided to run at 5:30 am out in the Ironbarks.

That WAS the intention.

The alarm went off, I got dressed.  Put on my headphones, they were flat.  I thought that was odd, as I had recharged them the night before. So grabbed my corded headphones, and my watch and headed out the door.

It was then I noticed that my watch was only on 10%.  Another, huh? moment. 10% would get me through the 15km.  So I left anyway.

I got to the 1km mark, and the headlamp turned off. Devastated, I ran/walked back home.  There was no way I was running without a headlamp.

When Tom heard the door, he knew something was wrong.  With tears streaming down my face I explained what happened.  He did some rearranging in his work schedule, just so I could get my run in after my canteen duties, as he knew how important it was to me.

May Running Statistics

Distance – 143km
Total Hours – 17
Longest Distance 
– 15km
Number of Activities 
– 23

Way to smash out May with 143km.  To be honest I had no idea I ran that much until I actually looked at the calendar and calculated it.

Really happy with how my progress is coming along.

June will see my first event for the year with the Surf Coast Trail Marathon.

I will have one more long run and then taper.

Overall Running Statistics

Total Running Distance – 437km
Monthly Average – 87.4
2017 Kilometre Prediction – 1048km

What’s your worst run been?

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