February; Where’s it at?

I kid you not, I wrote out a full blog post combining January and February, only to realise that I had already done one for January. *facepalm*

For whatever reason, I thought that I hadn’t written one, which was why I was going to combine the two together.

So here is February sans January.

Control – When you allow the kids to take control of the camera, you end up with images like this one.

Running – It feels like it has been a slow progress, but I know I’m going to be a stronger better runner for it.  The speed and endurance is building up.

So come race season I shall be *hopefully* ready.

Chiropractor – I had returned from my run and was doing my post-run exercises when something didn’t feel right.

The next day I woke up with pain in my coccyx.  Knowing it wasn’t nerve or muscular I booked myself into the Chiropractor.

It’s been 10 years since I’ve last been to the chiro.  Let me just say I won’t be leaving it that long again.

Tyler gave me a full-body cracking.  I felt so good afterwards, then by the evening I felt like I had run a marathon, I was so tired and sore.

I will be seeing him again in 2 weeks to fix the issue, but no more pain in my coccyx, yay!

Entered – My first event for 2017.  The Peaks & Trails 26km event.  Having done this one last year, I have to do it again.

I will have plenty of time to train for it and become a better and stronger runner. Fingers crossed I will better my time.

Contemplating – Also entering the Surf Coast Century as a team of 4.  I’m nowhere near ready to do 50 or 100km, but as a team, that’s something I would be interested in doing.

I’ve asked a few of my running friends, but they haven’t decided yet.  Either way, I’ve put an expression of interest to Rapid Ascent for team members.  I will be contacted if others want to join a team.

Glimmer – Because I’ve been getting up at 6 am to get my run in before work, I’ve noticed how dark it’s been getting.  So I’ve decided to invest in some Glimmer Gear. I already have a headlamp, wear reflectable clothing, and run against traffic.  But it’s always better to be safer.

Watching – An Australian TV show called Tangle.  We were given the DVD set, and since we had finished the seasons of Scandal that I had (only 1 & 2), we decided to try this one.

It’s different but interesting.

Reading – Waterfall.  It’s crap, but I’m persisting.  I’m also reading Holistic Nutrition, which I’m enjoying much more, but the format of the book is crap, should have been A5 size.

Meatless – Mondays, have been happening at our house.  However, we’ve been getting stuck on ideas.  So if you have a foolproof vegetarian or vegan recipe that is kid-proof, send it my way.

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