December; Where’s it At?

The Christmas Edition

With it being December and it being Christmas and all, it seemed fitting to have a Christmas edition of where’s it at.

Anyway here’s December’s collection of random words that cover what’s been happening in my life. Which pretty much has been a bit of everything!


Pain – Woke up the other day (Sunday) with the most horrendous hip pain.  The earliest I could get into the physio was Tuesday.

It meant having to call in sick at work.  I wasn’t even able to finish my shift on Monday because the pain was that bad.

Injury – All was going well, until, well see the previous word.

Exercise – Currently on hold until my body gets to a better place.

Finished – Reading book 3 of Twilight; Eclipse.  Now I’ve read these books before, but re reading them I’ve identified with the characters in a way I wouldn’t think of.


You see when I first read the books I was team Jacob all the way.  I couldn’t understand why she picked Edward.  However, my life had changed dramatically since I read them last.

When I first read the series, I was at the end of my marriage and going through a divorce.

Re-reading them, well I’m in a happy harmonious relationship, and well I see the relationship that Bella has with Edward and why it works.

Ok so that’s random, and you might not get it, but I get it, and that’s what matters.

Unorganised – I have been utterly unorganised this Christmas.  Seriously, working full time, and just trying to fit everything in, and an injury thrown in the mix in there as well, well let’s just say thank god for internet shopping, oh and Boxing Day sales, as yeah, this year, I haven’t really done much shopping.

Mindful – That was the key ‘focus’ word that I chose for this year.  To be honest I have no idea if I have ever achieved this.  I think I might reflect on it.

Family – Speaking of ‘key’ words, I’ve decided that 2017, will be about family. Why? Well working full-time now means that time is valuable, and I want to spend quality time with my family on the days I’m not working.


Goals – These last 6 months have been crazy, esp with me going back to work, so I don’t have any goals yet, only because I haven’t sat down and really thought of them.  However there are a lot of things I want to achieve, and the only way to achieve them is by setting goals and being accountable.

Music – Let me tell you I LOVE Apple music! Seriously it’s so awesome!  My 3-month trial is nearly up and yes I will pay for this service.

It gives you recommendations based on the music you like.  It creates playlists, and you can browse its extensive collection.  If you love music (like I do), then seriously consider it.

Parkrun – Since I can’t run it, I will be the photographer for the Christmas Parkrun event at Wyndham Vale.

Christmas – Will be spending with my parents in Melbourne.  Keeping it simple, like we always do.

Lunch – Shall be Wild Lamb of course.

What words describe your December?
How will you be spending Christmas in your house this year?

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