High Five Friday #45

It’s Friday, the last Friday of 2016!

Say What!

Seriously?! Where has this year gone?

I’m going to do something a little different for this last High Five Friday for 2016.

Let’s give a High Five to the following:

Five Family Pictures

  1. Exploring Camel Rock
  2. Craziness and Silliness at Lakeside Lookout, Grampians NP
  3. Golden Hour at the 37th Parallel
  4. Special hugs on my birthday, Great Ocean Rd.
  5. Enjoying the view of Span with my bestie.

Five Past blog posts

  1. I wrote this article “Ways to be a safe runner” for Running Heroes.
  2. One of the best (all) day walks I’ve done, hiking the Major Mitchell Plateau.
  3. The ABC of me
  4. I got a wee bit excited with UltrAspire shared my blog post on the Astral Vest
  5. My most EPIC run for 2016 – Peaks & Trails.  On home(ish) turf, and my longest distance.

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