High Five Friday #44

It was so hard to pick just 5 pictures and 5 links this time for High Five Friday.

Just too many things to choose from!

Needless to say, it’s been a very busy last couple of weeks, with the next few to be just as CRAZY!

So let’s give a high five to these pictures and links.

Five Pictures


.1. We had the most epic sunset the other night.  This is just with my iPhone.  Tom’s on the roof with the actual camera.

.2. Miles is getting quite creative, how cute is his reindeer?

.3. Have been using the bands with my rehab exercises, working really well.

.4. Found this card while at the physio; 8 ways for spikey ball torture.

.5. Hiked up to Mt Abrupt, was such a spectacular day.  A blog post will be coming soon.

Five Links

.1. Body shaming is something that we shouldn’t tolerate in society. What I love about this video by the Movement Foundation is that no matter what size or shape we are, we should feel comfortable in our own skin.

.2. Instead of using Very, try these words instead.

.3. Nia Shanks, I have always loved you, but with this Open Letter to all Women, I love you even more. Rock on Sister!

.4. While getting in quality runs for your next event is important. The hours that you aren’t running are also just as important.

.5. Want your own custom leggings, then check out Hyperbeat.

What do you give a high five to this week/month?

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