Distant Downgrade + Injury = Afterglow

With orders from my physiotherapist not to run for a week, I knew the likelihood of running the 21km at Afterglow was fading. 

I wouldn’t know how I would feel until I went for a run.

Ten days later was d- day.

Excited to be out there, I was also nervous.

Running by feel, I took it easy.  But by 2km’s I knew Afterglow wasn’t going to happen.  By 4km’s my foot was numb.

After my run, my leg was tired, and I could feel my foot collapse. A sign that the issue was stemming from my hip.

The option to cancel or transfer my registration was no longer available, with the cut off date having been and gone.

I could still downgrade, but it meant loosing $40 of my entry fee.

All this from a coughing fit.

Injuries are frustration, but can happen to anyone at anytime and do not discriminate.

The thing with injuries is that they usually occur from everyday movement.  It can be the smallest thing that tips you over the edge. 

At my last physio appoint it was recommended that I not run Afterglow.  She advised me to see it as a very long walk.  That I might be tired by the end of it, but without the impact from running.

While she can’t stop me from running it, she’d rather me walk more of it than run. 

A part of me says;

Stuff it. Run it.

The other part of me says;

I could do more damage than good.

Yes I have to look at the overall picture, but again I wont really know until I’m actually out there.

At least Afterglow has a generous cut off of 10:30pm.  that gives me 2 1/2 hours to complete the 12km.

We shall have to wait and see.

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